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Birth Place of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz

The birth place of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz is located in Oies, a small community in Alta Badia and destination of numerous pilgrims for most of the year.

The birth place of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz is more than 250 years old and characterised by a simple and functional style. Immediately after the death of the missionary who lived in China for many years, numerous pilgrims visited Oies in order to see the house in which the Saint spent his childhood. The number of pilgrims increased over the course of the years and it was decided to open the birth house to the public. Nowadays the pilgrims come from all parts: from Austria, Italy, Germany, and from the entire Val Badia valley.

The birth house of Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz is open all year. Due to the altitude and the cold temperatures in winter, the visits mainly take place from April to October.