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Excursions in Alta Badia: Excursion paths and routes in South Tyrol

Spending your holidays in Alta Badia also means being able to explore the unspoiled nature and to enjoy wonderful outdoor excursions and walks. Alta Badia, just like the entire Val Badia valley, offers numerous hiking paths for spending a wonderful holiday in the South Tyrolean mountains.

Altabadia.com proposes some of the most precious routes:

Round tour of Sasso Pütia

Passo delle Erbe, Forcella del Pütia, Passo Göma, Passo delle Erbe
Walking time approx. 4/5 hours
Route no: 8a, 4, 35, 8b
Wonderful round tour which can be implemented in both directions. On the way you'll enjoy extraordinary natural beauties and wonderful panoramic views.
From the Passo delle Erbe (2,006 m) car park you reach the western mountain face of Sasso Pütia Mountain by walking past the Prati di Campaccio meadows. Here you ascend to the Forcella del Pütia (2357m). After a short and steep descent an easy up-and-down path to Prati del Pütia you reach Passo Göma (2,111 m) from where you'llnenjoy an exceptional view. Continue the hike through forests and flowery meadows until reaching Prati di Campaccio from where you return to the car park.


Longiarù, Pares, Forcella di Medalges, Funtanacia, Miscì, Longiarù
Walking time approx. 5/6 hours
Route no: 5, 3
The path leads to some sub-alpine and alpine biotopes. Comfortable and easy hike through forests and wonderful alpine pastures with lots of alpine flora. This hike is ideal for families.
From Longiarù on an asphalt road in a south-westerly direction to the car park of the Puez-Odle Nature Park. This point can also be reached by car. Follow the forest road crossing Pares Hut (1,602 m) until reaching a big isolated farm.
Turn right and follow path no. 5 through the forest in order to reach the beautiful Munt d'Adagn meadows and afterwards the S. Zenon gorge, which is also called Passo Croce or Passo Furcia (2,293 m). From here you can combine your excursion with other paths leading in different directions. Descent (path no. 3) to Funtanacia pasture (2,007 m) and to Pares afterwards. Possibility to have a break at the sources of Lagac.

Unspoiled landscapes

Longiarù, Antersasc Valley, Antersasc Hut, Cima Dodici, Longiarù
Walking time approx. 7/8 hours
Route no. 9, 6a
Easy excursion which starts on a forest road and leads onto alpine paths until reaching an interesting viewpoint.
The presence of unspoiled landscapes in the Antersasc Valley, the characteristic Dolomite flora, the green alpine pastures of Antersasc, and the groups of chamois on the surrounding rocks make this an unforgettable excursion. The route leads past the front of Piz dal Ora, the shadow of which shows shepherds the time. From Longiarù you continue in the direction of Juvel Pass until reaching a turn-off to the right (sign-post of the Puez-Odle Nature Park). This point can also be reached by car, which of course reduces the walking time accordingly. From here you follow the forest road to the right with route no. 9 in the direction of the visible Antersasc Valley. The path leads all the way up through the forest to the forest line and the beautiful grass hollow of Antersasc (2,084 m). Abandoned alpine hut with barn. Route no. 6 starts just before the hut and ascends in a north-easterly direction to green pastures of medium steepness, and a gorge. When turning right you will soon reach the flat back of the peak – Cima Dodici (2,397 m); the cross at the peak is only visible at the very last moment. Return on the same path.

Hut tour

Walking time 6 hours (it's possible to shorten the duration by taking the public transport to Passo delle Erbe or to the Pè de Börz car park).
This excursion can be done in both directions.
Leaving from Antermoia you hike in the direction of Alfarei and follow in the direction of Monte Muro Hut. From here you descend a path to Pecol Hut and then you first follow the small road, afterwards you hike through forests and descend to the Pè de Börz car park. After approx. 45 minutes of a comfortable hike through forests you'll reach Passo delle Erbe and two huts, Ütia de Börz and Cir Hut.
After an approximately 20 minute walk through wonderful blooming meadows in the direction of Sasso Pütia you continue to the left, cross the "City of Stones" (Città dei Sassi), and reach the last hut (Göma) of the round tour after about 35 minutes. Ultimately you descend a forest path to Antermoia.