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Holidays in La Valle, the centre of agriculture and artistic handcrafts

La Valle is a small community in Alta Badia characterised by profound traditions with the main protagonists being agriculture and artistic handcrafts. La Valle features modern accommodations like pensions, B&B's and holiday farm houses for the increasing number of tourists who choose this enchanting village in Val Badia for their holidays.

La Valle is located in the immediate vicinity of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park and the Armentara pastures. La Valle offers numerous hiking paths and ideal paths for your excursions in the mountains.

You should not miss out on visiting the typical houses of La Valle, which are called "viles". The viles are typical residential houses making up small rural harbours where ancient traditions have been preserved up to date.

A visit to La Valle is always enables you to connect with the origins of Alta Badia, which have always been characterised by the special lifestyle and the traditions of locals.

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