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Ladin language in Alta Badia

Ladin is a New Latin language which is not only spoken exclusively in Val Badia, but also in the valleys surrounding Sella Pass (Gardena, Livinallongo, Fassa, Cortina), in the region of Friuli and in some cantons in Switzerland.

Even though the language is already antique, the writing is rather young. The first documents date back to 1700. Until this period the myths and legends were passed down verbally. Nowadays we notice a continuous increase in authors and publications with the scope of spreading a still growing cultural heritage.

The Ladins in the province of Bolzano (Val Gardena and Val Badia) are officially recognised as the third ethnic group, which is also protected by law.

Some examples:

  • the school regulation envisages weekly lessons in Ladin language and culture
  • Ladin is also used in public administration
  • the Italian television RAI broadcasts Ladin news (TRAIL) and short radio transmissions in Ladin every day
  • the Ladin newspaper "Usc di Ladins" is published on a weekly basis
Good morning
Good evening
Good evening
How are you?
Where are you going?
Thank you
What's your name?
Bun dé
Buna sëra
Buna nöt
Co vara pa?
Ula vaste pa?
A ciasa
A s'udëi
Co aste pa inom?