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Mountain-bike holidays in Alta Badia, South Tyrol

If you want to spend a mountain-bike holiday in South Tyrol and explore the surrounding landscape on your bicycle, then Alta Badia is the perfect place for you. Breathtaking routes and paths lead up to the wonderful scenery of the Dolomites - an ideal setting for those who love to experience an outdoor holiday in Val Badia.

Across unspoiled landscapes

Our proposal to discover Val Badia in a different way? On the saddle of a bicycle through forests and across fields, through enchanting landscapes and following the routes which are suitable for anyone or challenging routes to the Dolomite mountain passes.
The Tourism Board is able to provide useful information on the routes and on organising your mountain-bike tours.

Cycling Week

During the course of the past years Alta Badia has attracted the interest of thousands of cyclists due to the "MARATONA DLES DOLOMITES" which takes place on every first Sunday in July. Numerous cyclists from all over the world participate at the marathon every year.
The entire week prior to the start of the Maratona dles Dolomites is characterised by numerous events, interesting competitions, informational meetings, and especially enjoyable evenings for everyone!

Mountain-bike rental
Corvara: Da Carlo Tel. 0471 830977
Colfosco: Sport Edoardo Tel. 0471 836212
La Villa: BREAK OUT Tel. 0471 847763 by Ivo Rudiferia
S. Cassiano: Hotel Tofana Tel. 0471 849473