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Nordic walking in Alta Badia: Outdoor sports in the Dolomites for your active holidays in the Dolomites

Alta Badia offers numerous Nordic walking routes. Nordic walking was born in Finland during the last century and is ideal for all those who want to enjoy a total body-workout outdoor activity.

Nordic walking is the sport Finnish cross-country skiers train during the warm months. This sport involves the leg and arm muscles and is implemented with poles.

Nordic walking is also known as "Sports walking" and is very similar to the diagonal step technique (like in cross-country skiing) which reduces the strain on knees, ankles and hips that are present during normal walking.

Once you know the right technique Nordic walking can become an efficient aerobic training which can improve the use of the muscles from the back to the abdomen.

The number of so-called "Nordic Walking Parks" is continuously increasing. In these parks you can enjoy Nordic walking on routes of different levels of difficulty.