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Other things worth seeing in Alta Badia: Historic, artistic and cultural treasures in South Tyrol

Lagazuoi and its galleries - scenes from World War I

The front-line of World War I passed along the Dolomites. Nowadays you can still see the traces of this war at Lagazuoi. This mountain (2,800 m) provides evidence of the battles between the Austrian and Italian troops.

The open-air museum at Lagazuoi can be reached by following the sign-posted paths starting from the Falzarego and Valparola Mountain passes or by ascending with the Falzarego-Lagazuoi cable cars, which bring you to the peak within only 3 minutes.

Kilometres of galleries were realised in the mountain during War. After restoration works these galleries are now accessible via safety ropes and steps.

You can visit galleries, trenches, and Italian and Austrian front placements.

The Paraciora Game Park

Between La Villa and Pedraces you'll find 7 hectares of fields and forests turned into a park for deer. A 2 km long path leads through the park where you can admire roaming deer.
In addition to the wild deer, the park also features donkeys, ponies, sheep and goats which can be petted.
The park hosts a playground for children and the Paraciora hut, where you can taste delicious snacks.

Ladin farms "les viles"

Farm excursions are organised in the different villages during the summer months. You hike from farm to farm where you can also taste some local specialities and get an insight into local farm life.

Further information on "les viles"

Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets are organised on a weekly basis during the months of July and August. You can taste local products like bacon, bread, eggs, cheese and many more things.