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Saint Giuseppe Freinademetz in Alta Badia, South Tyrol

The Saint Father Freinademetz is one of the most spiritual figures in Val Badia.

In all churches in Val Badia and in many private homes you can find the image of the Saint as if he should protect this beautiful valley and its inhabitants.
Born in Oies in San Leonardo/Pedraces in 1852 into a farmer's family he became a priest in 1875. Soon later he felt a strong vocation to become a missionary in China where he lived until his death in 1908 due to typhus.

During his stay in China Father Freinademetz lived a life full of dangers, persecutions, illnesses and poverty in a land so far and so different from his homeland Val Badia. He never forgot about his beloved homeland as many of his letters describing the green pastures and the high peaks tell us.

The first certain and documented miracle of Father Freinademetz dates back to 1939. However, it was only in 1976 that he was beatified by Pope Paul VI, and Pope Paul II declared him a Saint on October 5th 2003.

The church constructed in his memory and the birth house in Oies are the most suggestive places to remember the life and the deeds of this "great" man from Val Badia.