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Playing tennis in Alta Badia amidst the Dolomite Mountains

Alta Badia offers numerous tennis courts which are accessible in summer and in winter. Tennis halls and outdoor courts await you to enjoy a game of tennis with your friends.

On you can find a list of tennis courts in the villages of Alta Badia:

Outdoor tennis courts

sports zone - booking Tel. 0471/836474
Sporthotel Panorama, 1 red sand court Tel. 0471/836083

Appartements Peter, 1 court Tel. 0471/836071
Hotel Cappella, 1 red sand court - booking: Tel. 0471/836183

La Villa:
sports zone: 2 red sand courts
1 artificial court – booking: Tel. 0471/847501
Albergo Le Soleil, 1 court Tel. 0471/847030-0471/847174

S. Cassiano:
sports zone, 1 red sand court - booking: Sports Association Tel. 0471/849293
Hotel Armentarola, 1 red sand court Tel. 0471/849522

1 red sand court - booking: Canins Arturo Tel. 0471/839736
Sporthotel Teresa, 1 court Tel. 0471/839725

La Val:
sports zone, 1 red sand court - booking - 1 artificial court - booking: Bar Sport Tel. 0471/843337 - information: Tourism Board Tel. 0471/843072

Indoor tennis courts

Indoor court - 2 courts Tel. 0471/836474 – opening hours: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. (instructor upon request)

Sporthotel Teresa Tel. 0471/839725